HPA-85S(Stand Type)

Product No. 151217113617


Floor Standing Air Disinfector

An innovative product that can disinfect room air in ORs, ICUs, hospitals and community healthcare centers to eliminate secondary infection sources and pollutants using UV photocatalyst, nano silver, negative ion and plasma technology.


1. Designed for convenient installation and mobility

2. Enhanced safety of disinfection with a built-in human-detecting sensor

3. Air purification system of plasma air disinfector


4. Product Performance



* Voice Function : voice support for each operation mode

* Maximizing space efficiency

* Adoption of photocatalyst, TiO2, negative ion which are very antiseptic

* Enhanced safety thanks to the built-in human-detecting sensor using low temperature plasma

* Automatic filter replacement : a warning message to replace filter will be displayed after certain period of time (optimal replacement period can be set according to environment)

* Ozone sensor : To keep ozone concentration under the permissible level at all times during disinfection process



Size : 500mm(W) × 850mm(H) × 210mm(D)

Rated Voltage : AC 220-240V~, 50/60Hz

UV Lamp : Lower than UV-C 18W 2EA (Service Time : 8000hr)

Photo-Catalyst Lamp : Lower than UV-A 15W 1EA (Service Time : 8000hr)

Filter : Triple filter (Chloride net, Carbon filter, Dust filter)

Disinfection Method : Plasma, Anion

Low Noise Pack : Adapted side to high power and low noise Cross Fan

Operation Noise : Lower than 40db

Vocal Display : Notify users with vocal sounds

Safety : Ozone sensor, Vocal display, Body detecting sensor, Automatic filter replacement warning