Plasma Sterilizer | HPS-30





ct No. 141113062923

30 liters tabletop sterilizer
Recommended for Small Clinics including Dental Clinics, Veterinary Clinics and Fire Stations. Compact design maximizing easy to use and user convenience Countertop (exclusive cart option)

Easy to use
You can start/cancel/control the sterilization process by simply pushing key buttons. The selected sterilization cycle will be progressed automatically and you can monitor relevant information such as sterilization conditions, progress status, error messages from the display.

Automatic notification system for regular maintenance
Your HPS series sterilizer will automatically notify you the replacement period of consumables such as pump oil, air filter and so on. After 250 cycles of sterilization, a warning message to change oil will be displayed and your sterilizer will stop working when reaches 300 cycles without change of oil to prevent equipment failure.

Complete eradication of bacteria
HPS-30 maximized safety and reliability regarding to sterilization using high efficiency microwave plasma sterilization technique which spread sterilizing factors equally within the chamber.

Self Test Features
When malfunction occurs during operation, an error code is displayed by self-test features and the running sterilization cycle is interrupted automatically for safety.

Validation of Sterilization of HPS-30
A PCD(Process Challenge Device) in accordance with EU standards(EN 867-5) is used for the validation of sterilization of a dead-end lumen at the most difficult positions inside of the sterilization load.


Sterilizing Agent : Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 Cycle/Cartridge

Total Cycle Time :
1) Smart Mode – 40min
2) Standard Mode – 48min
3) Special Mode – 56min

Cycle Temperature : 45℃ ~ 60℃
SAL(Sterility Assurance Level) : 10-6(Bacillus)
Material – Aluminum
Volume – 30L
Dimensions : Overall – 594mm(W)×525mm(H)×605mm(D), Chamber – 340mm(W)×240mm(H)×395mm(D)
Weight : 90㎏
Control : 32bit Micro Processor
Cycle Information : 2.7″(OLED) Display, Printer
Electrical : AC 220-230V~, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : Max 2.7kw

Installation Requirements : Front – 100cm, Rear, Left side, Right side : 5cm
Placement : Bult-in wheels provide mobility

Room Conditions : Use Environment 10~40℃, 30~75%RH, Installation Environment -20~60℃, 0~95%RH
Printer : Built-in Thermal Printer(Brief Mode/Detail Mode) Cycle Parameters(Temp, Pressure, Time, Daily&Total Cycle, etc)

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Hydrogen Peroxide cartridges
(1 cartridge per 1 cycle)
Yellow Label(4cc):HPS-30, HPS-50
Blue Label(6cc):HPS-60, HPS-80, HPS-100 – 100EA/BOX



Biological Indicator
Incubation time and Temprature: 24 hours, 60℃




Chemical Indicator Tape(1,000EA/Roll)





Tyvek pouches