Product No. 141114085330

Super Plasma Ambulance Disinfector

A disinfecting and deodorizing device to prevent secondary infections of rescue workers and patients in an ambulance.


1. Real-Time monitoring of internal conditions by measuring temperature and humidity

2. Monitoring of progress status through a LCD window(Verification of information including plasma, negative ion, disinfection, temperature, humidity as well as replacement period)

3. Verification of operation time and total operation time

4. Adjustment of negative ion, plasma, lamp and air volume with a remote control

5. Disinfection Mode

Basic Mode : OH plasma(RIC) and super plasma(SPI) disinfection mode

Selection Mode : fumigation mode(if necessary, additional operation is available. Activated by a human-detecting sensor)

6. Product Details


Disinfection(removal of microorganisms) module : super plasma(SPI) disinfection and OH radical plasma(RCI CELL) disinfection

Fumigation mode : less than 16W

Product Life : plasma lamp_more than 25,000hrs super plasma_semi permanent

Size : 360mm(W) × 220mm(H) × 85mm(D)

Weight : Less than 5kg (a removable & rechargeable battery included)

Battery : DC 12V (internal power) and AC 220V(equipped with an adapter)